March 8

I see a woman, old and deformed, with a hunchback, white hair, a heavily wrinkled face, and doomed eyes. I am trying to imagine what she looked like at fifteen . . . What did she look like? What did she think then? What did she feel? If I saw a photograph of her when she was fifteen, I would go backward and forward, trying to imagine, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, then marriage, a husband, two kids, and grandkids, the trip she took to Montauk when she was twenty- two, etc. To try to arrange all these pieces, to have a coherent picture of this person until she is there, all of her, all at once, and time stops, time and space stop, for a minute before she disintegrates and passes into nothingness—like a photograph.


medium: burned Stonehenge paper
22"Ă—30" each page of the album (approximately 100 pages) album-4.jpg album-3.jpg album-9.jpg album-1.jpg album-6.jpg album-8.jpg album-10.jpg album-5.jpg album-2.jpg